Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day (early)

Even though St. Patrick's Day is Saturday, we can celebrate anytime we want in school and we chose today. We had our homerooms participating in a bike safety class this morning at separate times so we had to keep our homerooms instead of switching. (We departmentalize in my school. I teach all 5th grade math. One teaching partner teaches all language arts and the other teaches science and social studies. It works at our school and I love it!) We had to come up with something to keep our students occupied for an hour and a half, and the Murray State ballgame didn't come on until 11:15AM. Ha! I love Pinterest and found some great St. Patty's Day ideas on there and the other I made up to go with it.

Our students partnered up, which surprisingly works well with our students this year. No fussing, no one left out, no problems!
Each group was given a blank map of Ireland (found on none other than Google! images) that they were to fill in with the county names they found online. After filling in, they had to color it without touching colors (just another challenge).
Next, they were given the assignment of creating WANTED posters for a criminal leprechaun. They had to creatively name their leprechaun, physically describe him, describe his crimes, and describe, using their map, where he was last seen and headed.
I love my kids! They did such a great job! Cooperative. Crafty. Creative. I have the best job ever.

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