Saturday, April 7, 2012


To celebrate our favorite team, UK, playing in the NCAA final, we had a full day of basketball. Well, not basketball all day, but various basketball activities. "Best day ever!" as some students said.
In writing, students had to write persuasive letters on which team would when and why.
In social studies, students mapped out where the players lived and found the distance from their home to Lexington.
In math we found the height of each player and measured it out in the hallway and labeled players. Since we are the first class in our hall, each grade level was able to walk by and see how tall the players were. Our kindergarten friends were amazed.

We also created line plots of the points from their Final Four game.
In the afternoon, we all went to our recess basketball court. Students were told to draw a shape on the court with chalk. We then split into 8 teams, 2 teams at each goal. On team called out a shape, the other team had to try to shoot from that shape. Teams had to keep score too. Plus 2 points if they made the shot, minus 1 point if they missed. Great way to introduce a geometry unit and reteach adding negative numbers.



I'm not sure if it was the "best day ever," but it sure was fun!

Oh, congratulations UK!!!!!!! NO-1 GREATER!