Dr. Seuss Week in Math

This year our school celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday for a week.  Each day we celebrated another book.
Monday - The Foot Book - wear mismatched shoes
Tuesday - Green Eggs and Ham - wear green
Wednesday - The Cat in the Hat - wear a hat
Thursday - Fox in Socks - wear silly socks
Friday - Read Across America Day - wear your pjs and curl up with a good book

It's hard to celebrate a famous author and illustrator in math class, but I had to be creative.
On Monday we read The Foot Book and measured our height in inches then converted into feet.

On Wednesday (I know I skipped Tuesday, but I'm saving the best for last), we solved problems in a table.  Then we colored the squares that had PRIME numbers in them RED and the squares with COMPOSITE numbers BLACK - it turns into a cat in the hat.
On Thursday, we wrote word problems based on the characters and rhyming words in Fox in Socks.
On Friday, we graphed our favorite Dr. Seuss books.
And what did we do on Tuesday?!?  We had SEUSS' DINER!!!

I had several Seussiful items on a Diner Menu.

Hop on Popcorn

Luke Luck's Lake Water (from Fox in Socks)

Three Cheese Trees (from Fox in Socks)

Green Eggs & Ham

Also on the menu was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish which was colored Gold Fish and Mr. Brown Can Moo Milk.
I assigned different jobs to each of my students; hostess, server, line cook, bus boy, and cashier.  The other students were customers.  Each student learned his or her job and when the customers came in, each student had to do their job.  The customers had money and had to not only pay for their food, but also tip their server.  The cashier had to add the check correctly and count back change to the customers.  It was a GREAT day in Seuss' Diner.  We all had so much fun!


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